di e con Gianluigi Cosi

Theater and Puppets Show
21 aug 2023, h 18:30
Brindisi, Coop. Eridano - Strada per Betlemme, 6
Ticket € 3

On the balcony of the florist Ronzino, his beloved flowers are wilting because there are no friendly bees flying around. The queen bee Bice is said to have been spotted by a Portuguese barber named Benitau, who is said to have wanted to trim some of the hair from her wing beards in preparation for the warm season, but no trace of her since. Desperate Ronzino asks Iole Girasole for help: who better than her to bring sunshine and happiness?  Iole, with the help of Isabella the ladybird and the children, discovers that Benitau is not a barber but a tourist who wants to enjoy his holiday without annoying insects and intends to kill them all with his 'Nanna' spray, a spray that puts bees to sleep. Iole manages to find Bice and get her to wake up. When everything seemed to be back in place, Iole decides to teach Benitau a lesson by transforming him into a bee: only then will Benitau realise the importance of bee work for mankind.

Il principe infarinato - Brindisi Performing Arts FEstival 2022

Puppet show inspired by the book of nursery rhymes "Iole Girasole i prati in fiore" by Gianluigi Cosi suitable for children aged 3 to 8. A world of colours and emotions, where there is sunshine there is colour, happiness, and hope. Children will learn how important the function of bees is for nature and thus counteract their extinction due to pollution.

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