by and with JACOPO TEALDI known as "the one with the hands"

28 aug h. 21:30
Ex Convento Santa Chiara, Brindisi
Ticket € 10,00
Reduced 8,00
For the deaf, is possible to request a LIS interpreter by contacting the organization

U.MANI.TÀ is the innovative, original and creative show of Teatro Manuale by Jacopo Tealdi. Completely unique as a genre, Teatro Manuale is the fusion of figure theatre, narrative theatre and gestural dance realised with the simplicity of bare hands. As stage a luminous frame and as actors the 'handmade' characters, whose faces are made with the interweaving of fingers: Mr Piccolino, the inner child, the good, the naive, with his profound monologues; Luis Daimon, a famous professor of ethno-anthropology who destroys children's fairy tales; The Lovers, the simplicity of the love story between two hands that evoke Love with their dance and without saying a single word. 


Jacopo Tealdi's two hands #quellodellemani tell stories, dance and converse with the audience, in a show full of twists, laughter, amazement and poetry... deeply moving theatrical magic!


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