08.08.2021 - h.21:00
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Salvatore alias Sasà Striano in his monologue inspired by Jean Genet's "Il Giovane Criminale " addresses the audience, provokes them and urges them in order to open their eyes to uncomfortable realities too often removed, kept at a distance or simply ignored that revolve around the figure of the young criminal.
Sasà draws on his past life, spent in and out of jail as it is narrated in his books TESTE MATTE written with Guido Lombardi and Come SHAKESPEARE PUO’ SALVARE LA TUA VITA. LA TEMPESTA DI SASA '. Many autobiographical episodes, now moving, now ferocious, alternate with moments of reflection.

Listening to Salvatore Striano's narration we see in him the child struggling with Americans and prostitutes, then the adolescent approached by the bosses and locked up in the juvenile prison and finally the adult, an accomplished criminal, who bears on his face the traces of a life that can still be redeemed. His words undermine the certainties of an audience that can now become a compassionate listener now a severe judge. It will be he himself, like Genet, who will indicate the way out found thanks to the saving capacity of art, poetry, literature, words and theater.

By and with Salvatore Striano
Director Assistant Marta Paci

Salvatore Striano addresses the audience talking about uncomfortable realities often removed or ignored, focuswd on the figure of the young criminal.