19 august 2022 h. 21:30
Mesagne, Parco Archeologico Muro Tenente
in collaboration with APPIA IN TABULA Festival
Ticket € 5,00

The Mombao are a duo formed by Damon Arabsolgar (IT / IR / GER) and Anselmo Luisi (The Lights of the Electric Plant, in collaboration with Selton, Giovanni Falzone, Virtuosi del Carso).

The performance takes place in the centre of the hall, with the two musicians covered in clay and body paint, surrounded by the audience. It is a mystical ritual in a techno / punk / pagan key in which the audience is involved and dragged to pass from a state of great concentration and listening to a liberating dance.
The root of the project allows the Mombao to intertwine with different cultures, they have performed in: Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Morocco. Thanks to their hybrid and eclectic nature, MOMBAO have performed in very varied contexts such as rock, jazz, psychedelic, psy-trance, techno club, experimental theatre festival and more institutional stages.

They have been awarded by Italia Music Export and are part of Global Music Match 2021.
In 2021 they participated in X Factor Italy, reaching national resonance thanks to the single TOI PA and IN A DANCE. On tour from April 2022 after the release of the new album.

Damon Arabsolgar - synthesizers and vocals
Anselmo Luisi - drums, percussion and vocals