by Mimmo Greco

Production AlphaZTL Compagnia d’Arte Dinamica
Ex Convento Santa Chiara, Brindisi

What happens when a dance theater company enters in a prison and proposes to eight inmates that they become the protagonists of a drag queen show?
The initial curiosity becomes fear, dismay, then a hysterical, conciliatory laugh and then more laughter. We took up their reactions: from the initial question, to the selections, to the rehearsals for the show whose texts were written on the basis of their stories. We literally laid them bare. And then again we filmed the first exit from prison to rehearse, the rehearsals themselves in the theater of the city, and the emotions, the doubts, the behind the scenes of the laboratory and the show.
Each of them created their own Drag Queen from improvisation, stories, dance rehearsals with commitment and irony.
GIRAVOLTA - a documentary that testifies the 4-month workshop activity carried out with the inmates in the Brindisi Prison - talks about stories of life, love, fragility, conquests, feelings, fears interpreted by Claudio, Giovanni and Vincenzo and their Drags.
GIRAVOLTA wants to break down prejudice by transforming exclusion into inclusion through teamwork that is useful to the whole society by presenting the prisoner as a man.
GIRAVOLTA is a bridge between those realities affected by prejudices and the external society and offers the possibility, to as many people as possible, to get to know, in depth, who are the protagonists of the project.
What we want to do is knowledge because where there is knowledge, prejudices vanish.
At the end of the workshop, a homonymous dance-theater performance was staged that speaks of identity and prejudices, as often happens also for inmates. Society always tends to catalog, ghettoize, pigeonhole. It always tends to include you in a category of race, of person, of character: a performance to regain yourself with the courage to scream and say who you really are.


SCATTO IN AVANTI di Werther Germondari

Production AlphaZTL Compagnia d’Arte Dinamica
From an idea of Vito Alfarano
Shooting and editing Domenico Greco
In collaboration with Direttore della Casa Circondariale di Brindisi Anna Maria Dello Preite
Progetto Nazionale di Teatro in Carcere "Destini Incrociati" by Teatro Aenigma and by Coordinamento Nazionale Teatro in Carcere
With the contribution of AlphaZTL Compagnia d’Arte Dinamica, “Ministero dei Beni e Attività Culturali and Turismo /Direzione Generale dello Spettacolo” e Cooperativa Socioculturale.