Contemporary circus/Balancing art
29th August 2022 h. 21:30
Brindisi, Casa circondariale di Brindisi

A man tells his story from square to square, he tells of seas, skies and stars, of his great deeds and his failures. Bewitches the audience with prodigious tricks, transports people far in time to admire its great buildings with its balances and its bounces.
He also brings with him his best creature, his son, a talented man, a master of manipulation with supernatural powers: their goal is to convince the crowd of their skills and their providential intentions.
But to do this you will need a new look, modernize the jingles, launch a call and find the new influencer among the public.
Sic Transit is a mix of visual circus, comedy and audience interaction.
A show where manipulation, juggling, aerial dance and acrobatics alternate with bizarre stories that expose the frailties and dictates of our society.
A great scam staged with subtle and intelligent irony, to laugh bitterly at ourselves.


Interpreters - Alessandro Maida
Screenplay - Giorgia Russo and Alessandro Maida
Staging assistants - Giorgio Bertolotti and Francesco Giorda
Musical direction - Giuseppe Basile and Eufemia Mascolo
Jingles creation - Lorenzo Crivellari
Scenry - Stefano Boccardo
Lighting design - Alessandro Maida
Costumes - Giorgia Russo
Magic advice - Andrea Speranza
Production - MagdaClan Circo