CENERENTOLA una storia italiana… /

10.08.2021 - h.21.00
Piazzale Catene Brindisi h.21:00
400 places

Set in Italy in the 1960s, scene of a thousand creative energies, of desire for redemption and personal affirmation, our Cinderella, although subordinate to her stepmother and two half-sisters, preserves, intact, her dreamy sweetness, grace, charm and idealism suited to the role, qualities that will lead to the inevitable happy ending.

No glass slipper to make her once again dominated by the choices of others, but a splendid woman able to make her own decisions and who once again reveals her intense humanity. Because Cinderella as Prokofiev teaches "is not just a fairy tale character, but a living being: she suffers, she lives and her destiny always moves us".
The show is also a heartfelt tribute to the art of Gioacchino Rossini and his musics is alternated with those of the composer Simone Pizzardo.

Choreographies Claudio Ronda
Choreographer Assistant Federica Iacuzzi
With Lara Ballarin, Cassandra Bianco, Laura De Nicolao, Federica Iacuzzi, Manolo Perazzi, Salvatore Palumbo, Claudio Pisa, Chiara Tosti
Musics Gioacchino Rossini and Simone Pizzardo
Lights, costums and scenic elements Primo Antonio Petris
Assistant Giulia Zuolo
Technical Manager Gianluca Quaglio
Production Associazione Balletto città di Rovigo Cie Compagnia Fabula Saltica
Made in collaboration with the Comune di Rovigo Teatro Sociale e Cen.Ser S.p.A, with the contribution of Ministero della Cultura, ArcoDanza Regione del Veneto

Contemporary dance show. A tribute to Gioacchino Rossini and a Cinderella who lives, suffers and always makes us dream.