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BRINDISI PERFORMING ARTS (BPA) - Festival of socially inclusive performing arts, is a celebration of diversity and its importance for the realisation of a more sensitive, caring and inclusive society, and ties in with the territory by promoting it and making it known to the Festival audience.

BPA brings issues of social and cultural relevance to the attention of the general public through a programme of performances in the disciplines of dance, theatre, music, contemporary circus and video with the aim of generating interest and emotional involvement in the public. It does so by using art in the social sphere, thus touching the deepest chords of the public, which is increasingly inclined to become the "protagonist" of BPA.

The identity of the festival over the years, this year in its fourth edition, has become increasingly solid and has increased the audience and institutional stakeholders, becoming a 'widespread' event in the province of Brindisi.

In this fourth edition, the single provincial calendar of scheduled events involves Brindisi, Mesagne, Torre Santa Susanna, Carovigno and the Brindisi Prison, with the aim of spreading more and more to touch all the provinces of Brindisi and continue...

The 2023 edition of the BPA includes a novelty, the division of the festival into Summer Edition with performances in August and Autumn Edition in October.

The BPA presents a calendar of events aimed at the general public and with sections targeting specific audiences:

BPA Indoor: a section of the Festival that envisages the realisation of performances inside the Brindisi Prison, for the benefit of inmates, and dance-theatre courses aimed at the realisation of productions. This year for the first time two performances will be open to an external audience;

BPA Kids: events and performances aimed at children from 4 years of age onwards, which are designed to enable the youngest children to approach art;

BPA Young: a section of the Festival that envisages the realisation of the performances within Higher Education Institutions, preceded and followed by interventions by experts aimed at accompanying the vision and stimulating critical awareness on certain topics of social relevance.

BPA Education: art "approach" workshops for small and large audiences to explore and share the expressive possibilities of the body and voice.

BPA Art: street art, installations, docufilm, performance art

Compared to other events realised in the area, BPA has its own identity and, in addition to contributing to the cultural growth of the cities in which it is realised, it also represents a bridge between citizens and those realities that remain on the margins of society, transforming exclusion into inclusion by breaking down those prejudices that do not allow social integration.

Artistic direction Vito Alfarano

Organisation AlphaZTL Compagnia d'Arte Dinamica

Promoted by: Ministry of Culture, Apulia Region, Province of Brindisi, Municipality of Brindisi, Municipality of Carovigno, Municipality of Mesagne, Municipality of Torre Santa Susanna, Guarantor of Persons Subjected to Restrictive Measures of Personal Liberty and Guarantor of the Rights of Minors of the Apulia Regional Council

With the collaboration of the Ministry of Justice Brindisi Prison House

Media Partner Ciccio Riccio


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