Compagnia: Teste di Legno

Pupazzi a vista
28 agosto 2023, h 18:30
Brindisi, Coop. Eridano - Strada per Betlemme, 6
Ticket € 3

Freely adapted from the GRIMM brothers' fairy tale, this is a puppet and puppet show suitable for all ages. The protagonists are a lame donkey, a toothless dog, a cat with no nails and a rooster with a broken wing who, rejected by their owners because of their 'defects', decide to set off for the city of Bremen where they want to be hired by the town band. On the way they come across the house of the bandits, inside which they glimpse a table full of good things to eat. But before they can feed themselves, they have to get rid of the bandits. . The animals thus achieve their goal and, finding it good together, will stay and live in their new home. So, it does not matter if he is dark or blond, if he has no nails or is missing a tooth, if he is lame or deaf. If he is tall, handsome, fat, if his head is as hard as a rock.  Whether he is wingless or perfect or has some other defect.

Il principe infarinato - Brindisi Performing Arts FEstival 2022

A show suitable for all ages in a metaphorical journey of little Dorothy in the wonderful kingdom of Oz. A reinterpretation in a pedagogical key of that famous non-fairy tale, in fact, could make us reflect on the need to enhance what we already have inside, instead of looking for it outside ourselves. All told and manoeuvred on sight amidst a thousand colours, giant puppets and actors.

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