by Vucciria Teatro

8 October h 6.00pm and 8.30pm
Teatro Kopò, Brindisi
Ticket € 10,00
Under 25 and over 60 y/o Ticket € 5,00
The show contains nudity
Tickets available at Teatro Kopò from Monday 2 October every day from 5pm to 8pm

"I embrace him and tell him that I have to tell him some very important things. I tell him that for him, even the female I would have done, and that in the hospital they told me I have AIDS'.

A small village in Sicily, late 1980s. Two cousins grow up as brother and sister and play to erase the ancestral loneliness of a family without fathers. They are too vulnerable prey with no one to give them awareness or defence: behind the shutters is hidden a village that spies, judges and does not live. They try to fight their destiny to dream, she to leave that island that cradles and drowns them, he to freely love a man.

As in an ancient tragedy, the guilt of those who rebel must be atoned for, and the pure young man is sullied by the spectre of HIV. He who 'never did anything with anyone' becomes infected with love. While everyone already mourns his death, his instinct for life explodes candidly and redeems the country. Io mai niente con nessuno avevo fatto is the story of a struggle, to erase an ancestral loneliness.


By Vucciria Teatro
dramaturgy and direction Joele Anastasi
with Joele Anastasi, Enrico Sortino and Federica Carruba Toscano
production Teatro Bellini

Donazione empatica Brindisi-Performing-Arts-2023