11.08.2021 - h 10:30
Prison Brindisi h.10:30 am
Exclusive for 150 prisoners

Ballades is a work of contemporary setting, which also finds inspiration from the film by a great master of Italian cinema, E. Scola and his Ballando Ballando. The dance hall is the backdrop to a non-story that tells the desire of people to find themselves to escape the greyness, to dream and love, while the course of time fades inexorably. La Balera is a free zone where hopes, passions, disappointments, tragicomic situations come to life and where people of different ages and social origins manage to stay together, suspending all differences. The microworld that crowds it is Italy: human types we know, their lives, ordinary and passionate, are the thread of this "story", for a show with a single scene. The choreography explores the atmosphere of this timeless place in an ironic key, where for one evening you can be the protagonists and stage the character you intend to play. The original music by P. Zambelli, which draws from popular tradition, is enriched with modern sounds related to jazz and rock, enhancing the energy of the dances, to become accomplices in this game.

Choreographies Claudio Ronda
Choreographer assistant Federica Iacuzzi
with Lara Ballarin, Laura De Nicolao, Federica Iacuzzi, Manolo Perazzi, Salvatore Palumbo, Claudio Pisa, Chiara Tosti
Musics Paolo Zambelli
Light Gianluca Quaglio
Production Associazione Balletto città di Rovigo with the contribution of Ministero della Cultura, ArcoDanza Regione del Veneto
New version 2021

Contemporary dance show inspired to a work by Maestro Ettore Scola and his Ballando Ballando.