by AlphaZTL Compagnia d’Arte Dinamica

13 novembre 2022 h.18:00
Mesagne, Teatro Comunale
Ticket € 5,00

Violence disfigures you; it tears you inside and you know well that it will live inside you.
Five different women, each of which is going through a phase of life, until, unexpectedly, the ugliest of men arrives and femicide is consummated.
In turn they are spectators or actresses: they live and relive the violence they suffered through the other unfortunate ones: at home, in the office, on the street. Locked in a cage, they inflict a pain on themselves represented by a banal clothespin. Although distant, they have the same reactions in front of a sick love and laugh, with a bitter laugh, because they are aware that the love, they say they are surrounded by is sick.
Violenta (te) is the development of Viola (ta) with a single dancer who becomes choral with 5 dancers who amplify her emotional strength. Viola (ta) won the critics' prize in Belarus at the IFMC 2018 in Vitebsk (International Festival Modern Choreography).

Choreography and direction - Vito Alfarano
Dancers - Anna Lucia Indennitate, Aurora Zammillo, Cassandra Bianco, Doriana Picoco, Monia L’Abbate
Lights - Paolo Mongelli
Co-production - Balletto Città di Rovigo