10.08.2021 - h.10:30
Brindisi Prison
Free for 150 prisoners

Michele Fazio has not yet turned sixteen when he is hit by mistake during a settling of scores between rival clans. Lella's life, from that evening, radically changed direction. Day after day, with the only presence of a wounded mother, she imposes the demands of justice on the clans, denouncing, testifying, pointing hes eyes in the eyes of those who want to impose silence on her: I do not run away, nor do I close the door of the house: "Stoc ddò ".

Where did Lella draw the strength to fight a war that has never seen her look down? From the example of her mother, cumma 'Nenette, a woman determined to educate her children in the substance of things. From the support of her husband Pinuccio, the family and the people of the neighborhood. But, above all, from the never interrupted dialogue with Michele, the cheerful boy, the angel of Bari Vecchia. A dialogue, the one with her son, that no obstacle will ever be able to prevent, not even death.
Pinuccio Michele’s father will be present at the event for a dialogue with the prisoners.

Director Sara Bevilacqua
With Sara Bevilacqua/ Meridiani Perduti
Script Osvaldo Capraro
Production Meridiani Perduti
Organization Daniele Guarini

Sara Bevilacqua tells a true story: Michele Fazio killed at sixteen by mistake during a settling of scores between rival clans.

Brindisi Prison h.10:30 am
Free for 150 prisoners