by Zappalà Danza

9 october 2022 h. 18:00
Brindisi, Nuovo Teatro Verdi
Ticket € 10,00
Biglietti acquistabili online cliccando il pulsante “Biglietti” o presso il Botteghino Nuovo Teatro Verdi, Pianterreno Teatro – Largo Gianni D’Errico, Brindisi, tutti i giorni dalle 17 alle 19 fino a sabato 8 ottobre.

Roberto Zappalà with this work starts the Anthology project, with which he recovers the works that left a mark in the construction of his choreographic line, determining a reflection on the past and the future. "La sfocatura dei corpi" was the title of Romeo and Juliet of the 2006, a revision that is also and above all a renewal. A Romeo and Juliet 1.1.

What makes us feel fuzzy when we feel fuzzy? Technically, the blur is a matter of distance. The distance between the focal centre of the lens and the framed "object"; if this distance is less than or greater than a certain extent, the object is, in fact, blurred.
Reporting everything to the two lovers of Verona, we feel blurred when we “perceive” that the distance between us is the world between us and the beloved is not the right one; when we are, we feel, we believe we are, too close, or too far away. We are all Romeo and Juliet.

In version 1.1 the choreographer has shifted his focus, concentrating it more than on the couple of lovers, on their individuality as beings who individually experience an especially social unease. In the well-known Shakespearean vicissitudes, we arrive at love sublimated by death (and vice versa), version 1.1 wants to reflect and at the same time "rebel" against a historical time (today) where the death drive is sublimated only by itself and opposes it with passion and respect for life.
A revival of Romeo and Juliet that does not want to "talk" about love, but to be an act of love towards
the life.

Choreography and direction - Roberto Zappalà
Music - Pink Floyd, Elvis Presley, Luigi Tenco, José Altafini, Mirageman, John Cage, Sergei Prokofiev
Interpreters - Fernando Roldan Ferrer, Valeria Zampardi
Texts by - Nello Calabrò
Lights and costumes - Roberto Zappalà
Technical direction - Sammy Torrisi
Management - Vittorio Stasi
Production Assistant - Federica Cincotti
General Management - Maria Inguscio
Thanks to Simone Viola for the ballroom dance movements
A production Scenario Pubblico / Compagnia Zappalà Danza Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza
In co-production with Orizzonti Festival Foundation
In collaboration with "Le Mouvement Mons" Festival (Belgium)
with the support of MIC Ministero della Cultura e Regione Siciliana del Turismo, Sport e Spettacolo.