30 august 2022 h.21:30
Ceglie Messapica, Piazza Plebiscito
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The duo Ebbanesis was born online in 2017, consisting of Viviana Cangiano and Serena Pisa.

Two voices and a guitar that attract attention with intriguing reinterpretations of classics of the Neapolitan songs, but also famous rock pieces sung in dialect: this is the case of Carmela and Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. On tour in Italy, but also in France, Germany, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. Massimo Ranieri wanted them to be regular guests in the “Qui e Adesso” a programme of four episodes broadcast on Rai Tre where they interacted with Arturo Brachetti in a magical representation of sounds and images. In 2020 their second album Transleit was released, which was the title of their new show, a summary of their mastery and their repertoire, recorded in the Auditorium Novecento in Naples. Transleit is a collection of ten Neapolitan translations with the aim of enhancing a dialect already recognized throughout the world.

In the repertoire the already mentioned Bohemian Rhapsody, icons like Michelle and Billie Jean and the Italian masterpieces: Attenti al lupo and T’appartengo.

Production - Sounds & Scenes

Ebbanesis - Viviana & Serena

Direction - EbbaneSis