12.08.2021 - h 14:30
Prison Brindisi
Exclusive for 150 prisoners

Signorina Demodè is an ironic and light presence, she has a suitcase with her, opens it and her world comes alive. Joachim is a mysterious presence. Both presences with an elegant and retro scent. They meet and. . .
A story at times hilarious and at times touching, told with the body and expressiveness, between poetry and irony, dream and reality, with that charm that silent cinema emanates.

A show without words and that leaves you speechless, simple but not trivial, light and profound at the same time. The music, some of which are original, act as a sound carpet.
A show for everybody, which in this excess of daily verbalism puts us in a profound position to listen without having to grasp the words but having a clear sense of what they are.

Direction by Valentina Elia
Music by Django Reinhardt e originali di Mirko Lodedo

Signorina Demodè è una presenza ironica e leggera, ha con sé una valigia e quando la apre il suo mondo si anima.

Casa Circondariale Brindisi h.14:30
Esclusivo per 150 detenuti