2 seseptember 2022 h. 21:30
Carovigno, Castello Dentice di Frasso
Ticket € 5,00

A concert-show written by the emerging composer Alessandro Alfonsi, directed by Vasco Mirandola. Dreams transforms the very idea of ​​a "concert" to break out of the usual musical patterns and create an all-round show complete with direction, lights, set design, stage costumes and parts played by the musicians themselves. The show, thanks to a very varied and refined musical repertoire, to a simple, but captivating scenography, to well-curated parts played and to quality poetic texts, satisfies both music lovers, theatre and poetry lovers.
The scenography, made up of luminous paintings, enhances the expressive potential of the scene by placing each musician within a framework of light.
Dreams talks about the dream as a place of the possible, a place that we need to explore and live in order to find the hope and courage to be human and true, in a world that does not give us the time to understand who we are.
"Dreams" is the new production of Sonic Poets, a musical show that, through music and poetry, leads the viewer on a dreamlike journey into the human soul, a place where real and unreal merge, where memories and emotions explode, in which the boundary between what you have really experienced or what you have only dreamt of is lost.
Music guides the show and each piece becomes a world of its own, just like a small painting that contains a moment, a dream, a time, an experience that seems to continue forever, kept in a dimension without space and time.


Artistic Direction, Production, Music and Arrangements Alessandro Alfonsi
Directed by - Vasco Mirandola
Texts - Vasco Mirandola, Alessandro Alfonsi, Camilla Ferrari
Scenes creation - Giulia Zuolo
Costumes - -Elena Frigato
Sound - Francesco Fabiano
Graphic design - Laura Bortoloni, IDA
voice and acting - Camilla Ferrari
cello - Annamaria Moro
alto sax and clarinets - Gianluca Fortini
keyboards - Paolo Garbin
electric bass - Camilla Missio
drums, percussion and acting - Alessandro Alfonsi