by TeatriAlchemici

10 september h.10:00
Casa Circondariale di Brindisi

When everything in the world seems Predictable, the Unexpected arises, it renews us to rediscover the sense of origin.

St. Francis and the Wolf, a mirror of the other, were the symbolic figures to reach us. A stage poverty has imposed itself in which the nature of the body prevails, trusting like Francis in the Word the more it is embodied in Action. The first performer in history, he gave political value to the body with actions that are eternal because they are simple, necessary to face the fear of irrelevance against which contemporary man desperately struggles.

While Francis offered us these examples, Lupo informed us that in order to practice them we had to internalize our inner monster, a faithful ally, unpredictable and visionary animality, a dance of the desecrating soul.

What interests us therefore is not the story of the saint, but his symbolic figure out of time and space. Like him, we too tried to sideline, giving voice in our own way to that jester who spoke with enthusiasm, that is to say as the means of a god.

If Francis is a Jester, the Church he wants to build is a Theatre, if the Jester is Man, the Theatre he wants to live in is Life itself. Francis is unearthed to return to that very Life whose meaning he seems to have lost. After having suffered the humiliations of power and the fascination of temptation, after having celebrated himself as Narcissus, mourned as Donkey, having felt terror of his "audience" and killed his Masters, he can only rejoin himself, finally naked, finally Man.

Production of TeatriAlchemici
Dramaturgy, direction, acting - Luigi Di Gangi and Ugo Giacomazzi
Original sound design and music - -Sergio Beercock
Photo - Valentina Glorioso
Management and promotion - Vittorio Stasi
With the support of Dracma Teatro and RISO - Museum of Contemporary Art of Sicily