Documentary and dancetheater performance
02 - 12.08.2021


GIRAVOLTA is a show that talks about stories of life, love, fragility, conquests, feelings, fears. To do so with courage, in the role of Drag Queen, former inmates of the Brindisi Prison who followed a dance-theater workshop to build their characters and interpret their roles with greater awareness.
GiraVolta is also a documentary that takes up all the phases from the knowledge of the project to the workshp, the rehearsals, the “behind the scenes” and the show on stage.
Just as the Drag Queen is a victim of prejudice, so an inmate is a victim of discrimination. The aim is to try to break down prejudices through knowledge. A knowledge of man by focusing on empathy.
The prisoner takes off the costumes of his character until they remain only essence and this moment shares it with the audience.

GiraVolta is a workshop, a theatrical performance, a documentary, and therefore a life path lived by artists, guests and prisoners - and by the audience - all in connection with each other.

Directors Vito Alfarano and Sara Bevilacqua
Choreographies Vito Alfarano e Cassandra Bianco
Starring ex inmates of Brindisi Prison
Idea of the project Vito Alfarano
Script, screenplay, lyrics, music selection Marcello Biscosi
Tutor Tekemaya
Shooting and editing Mimmo Greco
Costums Silvio De Vito made with the tailoring course in Coop. Soc. Artemide
Make up Valentina Buonsante e Tekemaya
Photo Dario Discanno
Production AlphaZTL Compagnia d’Arte Dinamica
In collaboration with the Director of Brindisi Prison Anna Maria Dello Preite
Naztional Project of Theatre In The Prison "Destini Incrociati" cured by Teatro Aenigma and del Coordinamento Nazionale Teatro in Carcere with the contribution of AlphaZTL Compagnia d’Arte Dinamica and Ministero dei Beni e Attività Culturali e del Turismo /Direzione Generale dello Spettacolo.