4 – 5 november 2022 h. 18:00 e h. 21:00
6 november h11:00, h18:00 e h21:00
Brindisi, Ex Convento scuole Pie - Corte degli artigiani
Ticket € 5,00
for audience older than 5 years old

The daily routine of a cosmonaut becomes a pretext for ridiculous clownish situations.
Juri is an intergalactic explorer who discovers new planets and perhaps new life forms, he is a brave man, he is a hero, he is an interstellar cosmonaut! ... or maybe this is what others see in him ... but Juri is also a man who is afraid, who dreams, Juri is still a child, instead of finding, he often goes astray, Juri is a lonely man ... Juri is a clown.

The show is a hymn to slowness. In such a hectic age we want, at least for an hour, to slow down and be able to pay attention to the little things. A great challenge in a historical moment where concentration is continually bombarded with billions of information. When you are in a hurry you have to walk slowly ...
The audience, formed by a maximum of 45 people, is the special crew, specially selected for this adventure. You enter a particular spaceship, the one of Juri's dreams and set off to discover the infinite universe. Juri will lead this experience with great heroism and contempt of danger, in his own way, interacting with the sophisticated machinery that will magically appear inside the rocket.

For this show Giorgio Bertolotti and Petr Forman wanted to explore the world of video mapping, a great and stimulating challenge above all for the desire to integrate it into the narration and interacting directly with it.

Directed by - Giorgio Bertolotti and Petr Forman
On stage - Giorgio Bertolotti and Rosalie Schneitler
Video mapping - Josef Lepsa, Jan Hrdlicka (3d sense)
Light design - Petr Forman, Igor Schmidt
Music - Daniel Wunsch
Costumes and sets - Josef Sodomka, Jakub Hanzl, Veronika Konturova, Francesca Novati
Sounds and Noises - Marek Poledna (Studio Bystrouska)
Audio, video, lighting technician - Rosalie Schneitler
Space rocket geodesic dome - Marco Olimpio, Sonia Natante
Technical creation - Andrea Monopoli
Production - Giorgio Bertolotti and Petr Forman
With the support of Bertolotti Family and Schneitler Family