by Opera Prima

Puppetry / actors and puppets
31st august 2022, h 18:30
Brindisi, Eridano - Str. per Betlemme, 6

Little Melissa, one evening, falls asleep disconsolately, because her sunflower has broken. "I have to repair my sunflower ... my grandmother gave it to me ... she got it in a fantastic world ... in a world ... that exists but doesn't exist!" When he wakes up, he will magically embark on a journey to an enchanted land, where he can be repaired. Accompanied by Lisetta, a unique butterfly unable to fly, she will meet many strange characters: a frog prince, the witch Brunella, a scavenger ogre ...

At the end of her journey she will be able to make a wish, Melissa will prefer to grant Lisetta the chance to fly, rather than mending his beloved sunflower. A nice fairy tale about the value of friendship, which also touches on issues such as diversity, respect for others and the environment.


Il regalo più bello - Brindisi Performing Arts FEstival 2022

Production Associazione Operaprima APS
Director Maria Carmela Primiceri
With Emmanuele Perrucci, Maria Carmela Primiceri, Federica Perrucci, Gianbattista Mitrugno

AUDIENCE: family/kids from 3 yo
THEME: respect for the others and the environment through the values of friendship and dversity
TIME: 45 minutes