by Werther Germondari

Visual Art Performance
25 novembre 2022 h. 21:00
Brindisi Ex Convento S. Chiara
Performance reserved for women, transgender, homosexual, fluid, non-binary

The performance, made on the occasion of the World Day against Violence against Women, wants to have a symbolic value. Reversing the most classic of situations, that is 'nude model - dressed photographer', Werther Germondari, albeit with his usual ironic and desecrating air, wants to try to restore to women some of the dignity that has always been denied by the male gender throughout history . In fact, it has always been the male figure who literally and psychologically strips the woman, making her a simple puppet and object of desire, to the detriment of the respect that must be shown not only as a woman, but above all as a 'person'. In fact, therefore, during the performance Werther Germondari will take photos as in a normal photographic session, of all the women present who wish to. But in this case the women photographed will be fully dressed, while the photographer, Werther Germondari, will be completely naked.

SCATTO IN AVANTI di Werther Germondari