Puppet theater
06.08.2021 - ASD Cedas Avio Brindisi h.11:00 am
Live event for a fee € 5,00
30 Places

Puppet show freely extracted from the book of nursery rhymes "Betta Caretta e gli amici della macchia " by Gianluigi Cosi to discover the marine environment and its inhabitants. Children will learn more about the theme of ecology and the protection of the marine environment.

From the images evoked by the book and the sound of an impertinent guitar, the funny characters of Betta caretta and her friends from the macchia take shape: a shrimp always angry, Umberto the expert shrimp, a curious octopus, a strong and wise Saracen tower, savior the 'business owner. The puppet show is nothing more than the presentation of this colourful and lively marine world. The places we think we know present themselves with two eyes and one mouth, they speak and tell each other. In a network, the young audience are kidnapped and find themselves on a return journey to a precious place: her own home. Betta, the turtle, angry with the sea, goes to live in the city. 

She is happy with her new life, until she hears the call of her land: the sea is in danger, she must save it! Luckily she is not alone, but she has many friends with her who are waiting for her!

Behind the curtain everything begins and everything ends, leaving in the hearts of the children the struggle of the friend Tortoise who loves her land so much. It is a show that brings current events to the stage in a fresh and child-friendly language.

Project AlphaZTL Compagnia d’Arte Dinamica
Direction and script Paola Giglio 
Musics Gianluigi Cosi