06.08.2021 - h.14.30
Prison Brindisi
Exclusive for 150 prisoners

It is an artistic project created by 11 professional percussionists from Rovigo that creates artistic / musical / theatrical performances with a strong emotional impact and without the use of conventional instruments: large, small and medium-sized bins, deriving from waste materials, recycled and self-built. A high level stage and street show! The musical genre ranges from funk to samba, from hip hop to African rhythms: it is impossible not to be overwhelmed!
They performed at the final Coppa Italia Tim Cup category A, Ferrara Buskers Festival, Venice Carnival Piazza San Marco, Wired festival Milan, Top 12 rugby final (live Rai sport 2), Miss Italia 2016, Fiat500 presentation Venice, Winners of the 2016 Girandola festival (Carovigno - Br), XFactor 2017/2018, Andrea Bocelli Cinecittà Foundation Rome, BOOM Festival (Portugal), Fete de la Musique (Switzerland), Les Folies du BinBin (France). They flank Giorgia in the “Oronero” tour, in 2017, reconfirmed in the 2018 tour.

12 percussionists playing recycled material.