by Benito Ravone

Production Passo Uno
Ex Convento Santa Chiara, Brindisi
27 ottobre 2022 h.21

Docu-film by the Brindisi-born director Benito Ravone produced by Passo Uno.
An investigation into the history of smuggling in Brindisi through exclusive images and testimonies of the protagonists; between murders, international trafficking, the birth of the Sacra Corona Unita and Operation Primavera.
The director, with great care and passion, reveals the twisted mechanisms of Salento's organized crime by personally encountering those "seeds of evil" planted over thirty years ago that still continue to germinate and infest the territory. Petty bosses, cruel "soldiers", deviant police forces, innocent victims, brave magistrates and statesmen, in an epic tale that does not give up on moments of poetry. Unmissable.


SCATTO IN AVANTI di Werther Germondari

Director Benito Ravone
Produced by Salvatore Caracuta
Photography Davide Micocci
Editing Marco Conoci
Sound Michele Leucci
Drawings Kizito Schimera
Coord. post production Giuseppe O. Schimera