by Paco Maddalena

Museo Archeologico F. Ribezzo, Brindisi
From 09.09.2022 h. 18:00 to 09.10.2022

the artificial alterations that man himself produces in the environment in which he lives.
The “Punta Riso” dam in Brindisi is a single block of concrete that extends eastwards and winds into the sea for 2385 meters. Hence the title of the project.
Built between 1985 and 1990, this single block of concrete, stone material and reinforced concrete creates a clear division between a north side and a corresponding south side, returning two opposite weather conditions at the same time on the days of the north wind ' unnatural ', as created by the work of man: one of flat calm and another of strong wind.
There is therefore an artificial condition of splitting, dualism and clear fracture of an environmental context, the division of a natural 'one' into a 'two' of artificial contrasts produced by man.
In the images, the man who is the creator of this division is contextualized as a centralizing element, present in the two opposites created by him in the form of an inverse simultaneous, that is, of the opposite sign to the double (in) naturalness that he himself has recreated, of the new context artificial product: on the south side, where (in) natural calm reigns, man is represented in a frenetic, accelerated way while, simultaneously, on the north side characterized by power, speed and strength, man is slow, almost immobile. Visually, therefore, there is the clear restitution of its concrete unsuitability to the natural context, a cause from which the artificial forcing of its work on the environmental context arises, in the form of visual and anthropological documentation, testimony of new ways of seeing.
From the One produced by Nature to the artificial Two made of opposites, produced by man.


SCATTO IN AVANTI di Werther Germondari

Production Nauta Studio
Co-production AlphaZTL
Concept Paco Maddalena
Direction Paco Maddalena | Nauta Studio
Coreographer Vito Alfarano | AlphaZTL
Script Paco Maddalena
Director of photography Paco Maddalena
Editing Paco Maddalena | Nauta Studio
Sound Paco Maddalena | Zeit
Music Paco Maddalena
Director Assistant Anna Chiara Campana
Color grading Paco Maddalena | Nauta Studio
with (not in order of appearance)
Vito Alfarano, Alfredo Marullo, Piera Di Falco, Giulio Corciulo, Leonardo Mita, Chiara Caiulo, Giovanna Caputo, Teresa Guadalupi.