by AlphaZTL Compagnia d’Arte Dinamica

29 october 2022 h. 21:00
30 october 2022 h. 18:00
Brindisi, Teatro Don Bosco
Ticket € 5,00

With "PASSENGERS" we talk about waiting, that moment in which everything stops and you have time to reflect and then leave with awareness. With "PASSENGERS" the fourth wall is knocked down: it divides the world of free people from that of people deprived of their freedom, and prejudices, fear and stigmatization towards "the prisoner" increase its thickness. The public will be able to break down this barrier, get closer and discover the humanity and value of the person in front of him, letting himself be inspired and involved by the stories told and represented during the "journey" that takes place on stage.

Direction and choreography - Vito Alfarano with the collaboration of AlphaZTL’s dancers
With the inmates of the Prison of Brindisi
With the support of the Garante delle persone subjected to measures restricting personal freedom