by Teste di Legno

Puppets and Muppets
25th August 2022, h. 18:30
Brindisi, Eridano - Str. per Betlemme, 6

Show written for the "OMBRELLONE BLU" project promoted by the Ministero dell’Ambiente and the marine protected area of ​​Porto Cesareo to make children understand that the sea and beaches are a precious asset for everyone and therefore respected.

Through amusing gags, Alice and her friends will accompany the spectators into the depths of the sea, among colorful fish of different shapes, which move happily among the extensive meadows of Posidonia Oceanica, that alga that is often found on the beach and that too often we mistakenly consider rubbish, because it is "stinking".

Participants are given a "Charter of Sea Rights" with the ten rules to be adopted for the
protection of marine organisms and for the protection of beaches.

Alice nel regno di poseidonia - Brindisi Performing Arts FEstival 2022

Production Compagnia Teste di Legno
Director Biagio Tabella
With Biagio Tabella, Monti Carolina and Martina Tabella

AUDIENCE: family/kids from 3 yo
THEME: respect for the sea
TIME: 45 minutes