by AlphaZTL Compagnia d’Arte Dinamica

16 october 2022 h. 18:00
Brindisi, Teatro Kopò
Ticket € 7,00

Hikikomori is a Japanese term that literally means "to be on the sidelines" and the performance represents the choice of those who decide to marginalise the surrounding reality by closing themselves in their own room. Uninterested in the noises, lights, voices of others. Abstraction and estrangement. A chosen solitude that, unpredictably, turns out to be shared with other peers. What are the stages? What are the causes? what are the remedies? In the meantime, let's open the room and go inside: do they deserve our blame or our understanding?



Choreography by
Vito Alfarano
Cassandra Bianco & Francesco Biasi