by Paola Giglio

Puppets Show
24 aug 2023, h 18:30
Brindisi, Coop. Eridano - Strada per Betlemme, 6
Ticket € 3

A show to discover the marine environment and its inhabitants by tackling the theme of ecology and safeguarding the marine environment. From the images evoked by the book and the sound of an impertinent guitar, the funny characters of Betta Caretta and the friends of the bush take shape: an always angry prawn, Umberto the expert shrimp, a curious octopus, a strong and wise Saracen tower, Salvatore the entrepreneur.  In a net the little spectator is kidnapped and finds himself on a journey back to a precious place: home. Betta, the turtle, angry at the sea, goes to live in the city. She is happy with her new life, until she hears the call of her land: the sea is in danger, she must save it! Luckily, she is not alone, but has many friends waiting for her!

Il principe infarinato - Brindisi Performing Arts FEstival 2022

Puppet show inspired by the book of nursery rhymes "Betta Caretta e gli amici della macchia" by Gianluigi Cosi, suitable for children aged 3 to 8.

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