15 October h 6.00 pm
Teatro Don Bosco, Brindisi
Ticket € 5,00

A choreographic journey that focuses on the human being and his feelings. With three national premieres, this is an opportunity to get to know four young choreographers from the province of Brindisi who are exporting their art, admired and applauded, all over the world, sharing the stage with young Dutch choreographers, the gala's international guests. The show is opened by the dance schools of the city of Brindisi. This is followed by performances by Antonella Albanese and Cassandra Bianco, Francesco Biasi, and Nicola Simonetti.


Work in progress
Concept by Antonella Albanese
Choreography Antonella Albanese & Cassandra Bianco - Esenco Dance Movement (Pezze di Greco and Brindisi)
Dance Cassandra Bianco
Music Davide Nardelli
Executive Production ResExtensa - Porta d'Oriente - National Production Centre for Dance


Habitat is the place to 'be', a recognition of our responsibility to 'dwell with respect'.
Every step we take moves the air and upsets the balance of things, contributing to the perpetual movement of the universe, an intricate system of interconnected components of which the human being is an integral part. Habitat represents our inner world communicating harmoniously with the outside world, drawing attention to our presence in the world as part of a delicate ecosystem that requires our protection to preserve ourselves.



Production CREATURA/DanceResearch
Direction, Costumes and Choreography by Nicola Simonetti (San Michele Salentino)
Dancing Gloria Patanè and Leonardo Urgese
Supported by Eko Dance Project of Pompea Santoro
Lights Giusy CaccavoLife brings one to face various experiences, among them the most difficult of all, living alone. You don't want anyone beside you because you don't know what you are missing, but true friendship manages to break down this denial. Only with him/her do you want to share everything, you are not afraid to expose your sensations, your feelings. This relationship teaches you to be yourself, without fear, it knocks down the walls erected out of defence, it makes you know that feeling that as an adolescent you easily confuse with love.


by Collectief Mamm (Netherlands)

In 'Notwithstanding' trust seems to be very personal and changeable over time. Perhaps we only notice it when it is no longer there - an ever-present theme. Nevertheless, we witness the search for a relationship after the trust has been broken. Is this something that can be rebuilt again?

A duet in an intimate space, about the restoration of trust and the search for (im)possibilities in the combination of two bodies.


Production AlphaZTL Compagnia d'Arte Dinamica

by and with Francesco Biasi (Ceglie Messapica)
Music by Marco Elia
Co-production Fabula Saltica

An open psychological wound often turns into anger and resentment, sometimes manifesting itself through negative behaviour. The severity of the trauma, social resources, and certain biological factors influence how we deal with the pain. Some, with victim identities, may become masked aggressors. The media narrative on gender-based violence often overlooks other possibilities besides the female victim and the male perpetrator, creating distortions in information.

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