AlphaZTL Compagnia d’Arte Dinamica
Di e con Francesco Biasi

3 novembre 2023 h. 9:30 e 11:30
Liceo Linguistico Statale E. Palumbo, Brindisi

10 novembre 2023 h.9:30 e h.11:30
I.P.S.S.S. Francesca Laura Morvillo Falcone

Perfect illusion is a story that contains many, too many, disorders about eating: bulimia and anorexia. It represents a contact with these realities hidden from our eyes but which are present in the lives of many and perhaps we do not know.

It tells the hidden truths and the distorted vision of a writhing body, exhausted by the battle with itself. We turn on a light in the contrast between what a person with an eating disorder thinks he sees of himself and what he really is in everyone's eyes. On stage there is only a dancer who gives voice to a silent drama, suffocated by feelings of guilt.
An intimate, deaf journey into the pain and fragility of a perfect illusion.


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