by AlphaZTL Compagnia d’Arte Dinamica

25 and 30 aug h. 10:00
Brindisi Prison “Casa Circondariale”
access to external public is allowed for a maximum of 20 people
Ticket € 10

INTO-SPETTRI-VA starring the guests of the Brindisi Prison and the dancers of AlphaZTL is the show that concludes IN SINCRO international training course for dancers and social innovation awarded by Erasmus + Agenzia Nazionale Indire. It is the study, confrontation, knowledge and deepening of some historical or iconic characters or simply protagonists of an event that has marked the lives and destinies of all. It was created, constructed and experienced within the walls of the Brindisi prison with the project participants.

INTO-SPETTRI-VA breaks down the barriers that normally divide people by shedding light on their deepest thoughts and feelings. This allowed the protagonist inmates to feel comfort for each other, each locked in their cells, naturally leading them to merge in an embrace. A series of hugs representing the fusion and transformation of individuals into persons.


By AlphaZTL Compagnia d'Arte Dinamica
Director Vito Alfarano
Dramaturgy Marcello Biscosi
Choreography Vito Alfarano, Francesco Biasi, Doriana Epicoco, Marianoel Gioia, Aurora Zammillo
Costumes Francesca Giglio


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