by Piccolo Teatro di Pane

Puppet show
18th August 2022, h 18:30
Brindisi, Eridano - Str. per Betlemme, 6

Il principe Infarinato, is the first show created by Alice Pietroforte, a multifaceted Apulian artist, painter, illustrator, author and researcher of art as a tool for knowledge and education.

IL PRINCIPE INFARINATO is a fairy tale inspired by popular tradition, starring the young Beppe, a baker by passion. With his helper Briciola has a small oven where, with a thousand sighs, he invents songs and new sandwiches to amuse the sweet princess Rosetta.

The two love each other, but the king, who suffers from a strange allergy to poor people, is desperate for this reciprocated love ... and so he will make Prince Fetecchia come from a neighboring kingdom, hoping that he will conquer his daughter ...

A story between rosettas and baguettes, duels and blunders to talk about inclusion and how rich diversity can be.


Il principe infarinato - Brindisi Performing Arts FEstival 2022

Production Piccolo Teatro di Pane
Direction, Screenplay and Puppets by Alice Pietroforte

AUDIENCE: family/kids from 3 yo
THEME:  inclusion
TIME: 45 minutes